2x Come Box SET - 1 pcs

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C.O.M.E BOX with CLEAN and Glideurinary incontinence and sexual problems in women are often in weak pelvic floor muscles. Also, body posture and figure problems can be attributed to the fact as well as complaints of pelvic organs after pregnancy. In general, therefore, every woman is recommended a pelvic floor training. The hoped-for success of conventional training methods remains wishful thinking because these are either too inefficient to consuming or control is missing, if the correct muscle is trained. In connection with internationally eminent scientists and physicians the revolutionary exerciser COME was developed for the optimal design of the female pelvic floor. Based on a scientific study it has been proven that with a 2.7 times greater COME increase in muscle strength could be achieved during an exercise period of just 6 weeks - compared to a control group receiving only conventional isometric lost in trained.

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