EROS-ART | Kit Top Secret Orgasmico Unisex

Merk: Eros, bekijk ook andere Eros Erotische geschenksets

€ 40,95


Briefcase with 5 basic products to have sure success in sex:

  • - Spray for more duration, as long as you want;
  • - Super lubricant dilating gel and gel to accelerate female orgasm
  • - Spray to have more power and more erection and to increase and intensify the pleasure of women
  • - Feowoman erotic perfume, for an irresistible and unbridled seduction. and to seduce the man
  • - Libidine box with 5 single doses to enhance libido and desire. unisex

Experience a unique sensation with all the best of EROS-ART

EAN: 8436562830212
Categories: Oils and lubes - Massage oils and Creams - Massage kits
Oils and lubes - Female orgasm intensifiers - Female Orgasm Enhancer
Oils and lubes - Female orgasm intensifiers - For your G-spot
Aphrodisiacs - Female orgasm enhancer creams

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