Kitsch Kits - The Newly Single Kit

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€ 24,26

Break out this kit for that friend who just broke it off! It's got an awesome 8-function silicone G-spot Vibe, Female Pleasure Balm to excite the erogenous zones, V Cooling Lube for a vibrant, refreshing sensation, and a One-Brand Condom, because we know you'll be needing it.

- Materials: Silicone, ABS Plastic
- Waterproof: Yes
- Length: 20,32 cm
- Width: 15,24 cm
- Height: 8,23 cm
- Item Weight: 15 Gr


G-Spot 8-Function Vibrator

Female Pleasure Balm

V Cooling Lubricant

One One-Brand Condom

Hilarious packaging makes it the perfect gift!

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