SHS - PERFECT BUST - 90 caps

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How Perfect Bust works!

Perfect Bust stimulates the growth of the bust tissues which makes it fuller, more beautiful and more elastic. They strengthen and moisturize the skin. They provide the nutrients needed to maintain perfect metabolism of the connective tissue and ligaments supporting the breasts , which restores their elasticity and gives a fuller and firmer bust.

Estrogens signal the initiation of cell division in the breast tissue. This triggers a chain of consecutive, complex biochemical processes leading to cell division and growth of the breast tissue. Phytoestrogens are also able to stimulate "estrogen receptors" in the breast tissue. which leads to an increase in the volume of the bust. In this way phytoestrogens can stimulate the natural growth of the glandular tissue resulting in the production of new cells leading to strengthening of the breasts.

The active compounds contained in Perfect Bust ™ have amazing effects, below are examples of actions that Perfect Bust ™ causes:

support the lipid accumulation process in adipocytes has a positive effect on skin elasticity and tightness support the processes of collagen synthesis in the skin, which helps to prevent its sagging processes thanks to naturally occurring antioxidants, they strengthen the protection against free radicals responsible for the aging process deeply nourish and strengthen the skin of the breasts intensely moisturize firms and smoothes the epidermis

The secret of action of the supplement Perfect Bust ™ lies in the unique composition, selected only from natural ingredients based on herbs.
Ingredients introduced into the body stimulate breast enlargement because they contain natural hormones - phytoestrogens of plant origin, behave practically the same as oestrogens produced by the female body.
So naturally Perfect Bust ™ stimulates the breasts to grow naturally, just like during the maturation process.
Perfect Bust ™ uses the power of natural ingredients of plants, whose strength has been known for centuries!

Trifolium pratense Foeniculum vulgare Mill Trigonella foenum-graecum L Medicago sativa Serenoa repens Capsicum annuum Salvia officinalis Cuminum cyminum L Vitamin B6

Perfect Bust ™ has full documentation and is fully manufactured in Poland, approved by Polish and European supervisory authorities, thus ensuring the highest quality at the best price. Perfect Bust is subject to constant controls, has all the necessary documents and certificates, including notification at GIS, EFSA or FDA certificate. It is produced in accordance with GHP and GMP while maintaining the standards HAACP ISO 22000.

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