COBECO - 2SEDUCE | 2seduce Intimate Sensual Cream

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2Seduce Intimate Sensual Cream stimulates the intimate female area and gives a tingling, warm and sensual feeling. For optimal excitement, enjoyment and a unique climax. The unique formula based on natural ingredients and rich oils stimulates the intimate area of the woman.

2Seduce Intimate Sensual Cream ensures maximal blood flow of the skin and creates a pleasant and warming effect. The skin will become more sensitive when touched and the sexual desire will be increased. The tingling stimulation of the clitoris will thereby intensify the enjoyment and contributes to an intense climax.

EAN: 8718546544033
Categories: Oils and lubes - Female orgasm intensifiers - Female Orgasm Enhancer
Aphrodisiacs - Female orgasm enhancer creams
Aphrodisiacs - Enhancers
Aphrodisiacs - Sensitizers

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