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Orgasm Control ™ is the most versatile product available on the market. The innovative combination of 13 herbs with a set of vitamins and minerals makes the Orgasm Control ™ multi-faceted effect. All this to prolong the sexual act and at the same time stimulate and normalize the mechanisms responsible for erection, enhancing the erotic sensations.
Composed of Orgasm Control ™ there are substances regulating and supporting the central nervous system that increase mental and physical performance.
Orgasm Control ™
improves general well-being , exerting an immunostimulating effect, increasing stress tolerance. The ingredients contained in it fight hypersensitivity to stimuli of nerve receptors , especially within the genital area. Which in case of premature ejaculation is crucial.

Orgasm Control ™ was created as a result of combining traditional knowledge about medicinal plants with the latest discoveries in the field of medicine, sexology and human physiology. This is the result of many years of experience in helping, preventing and treating erectile dysfunction .

An unusual combination of natural ingredients, vitamins and minerals makes Orgasm Control ™ multi-faceted.
Orgasm Control ™ contains ingredients increasing endurance to effort, not only related to sexual activity. It simply provides a significant improvement in condition and a surge of vitality. Natural compounds support the circulatory, urogenital, nervous and endocrine systems .
Check Ingredients for the full ingredients list .

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